Schelpje The Champion series


The Champion series, also called the clamshell series, was introduced in 1986. This series consists of 2 programmable scientific calculators and 3 programmable business calculators. Besides the calculator functions, these calculators also have a clock, alarm and agenda functionality.

Model Code Type RAM
HP-18C Champion Business 2K
HP-19B Tycoon Business 8K
HP-19BII Tycoon Business 8K
HP-28C Paladin Scientific 2K
HP-28S Orlando Scientific 32K

In 1986 the HP-18C was introduced, followed by the HP-28C in 1987. In 1988 the HP-19B succeeded the HP-18C. The HP-19B contains 4 times the amount of memory and the menu language could be selected out of 6 different languages. In 1991 the HP-19BII succeeded the HP-19B, which had the RPN mode reintroduced. This HP-19BII was build until 2004.

In 1987 the HP-28C was introduced as a scientific calculator. This calculator was succeeded by the HP-28S within one year. The HP-28S contains 16 times more RAM memory and improved speed by applying a newer processor, the Lewis. The HP-28S was build until 1992.


The display

The calculators have an 137 X 32 pixel LCD display. This display can show 3 lines of text and a row for the soft keys. It is also possible to show simple graphs. Above the pixel array is one line with annunciators.

Display with text Display with graph
Display in text mode.
Display in graphical mode.


The keyboard

The most remarkable point on the housing of this calculators is the hinge construction and the two keyboards. The calculator can be opened for 180 degrees (left picture) and even for 360 degrees as showed in the picture on the right.

Calculator open Calculator fully open
Calculator opened almost 180 degrees
Calculator left part folded 360 degrees.

Hewlett Packard filed the following patents for this construction.

US4825395, US4878293 and US4885430.

The left hand keyboard contains the complete alphabet, alphabetically ordered. The right hand keyboard looks like a 'standard' calculator keyboard.


The processor

All five champion models are build around the Saturn Lewis processor. This processor can drive an infrared LED. The infrared LED is used to control the HP thermal printers like the HP 82240A and the HP 82240B.


The batteries

The champion models are supplied by 3 LR1 type batteries. A small battery door on the side, just above the display, gives access to the battery compartment. This door is a weak point of these model calculators, it can be damaged easily when changing the batteries. Later models of the HP-19BII have an improved battery door at the backside.

Battery lid on side Battery lid on back
Battery door on the side
Battery door at the backside of the calculator.



Leader pouch HP92169D Leader pouch for the Champion calculator.

HP82240 Infrared thermal printer with infrared interface.



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