CharlemagneThe Charlemagne series


The Charlemagne series was introduced in 1990. This series of graphic calculators counts at the moment more than 15 models. These calculators belong to the top of the calculators build by Hewlett Packard.

We can distinguish two series among the Charlemagne types. The series HP- 48/49/50 are RPN calculators.
The series HP-38/39/40 have no RPN mode. The top model at the moment is the HP-Prime. During the years the newer models have got faster processors and more memory.

Almost all of these models have an infrared transmitter LED to control the infrared thermal printer HP 82240A or HP 82240B.
The build a connection with a PC the older models uses a RS232 type serial link, the more recent models uses USB.
The communication link can be used to upload or download programs or calculated results. More information can be found here.

The HP 48/49/50 series

Model Code Processor RAM ROM
HP 48G
HP-48S Shortly Saturn Clarke 32K 256K
HP-48SX Charlemagne Saturn Clarke 32K 256K
HP-48G Alcuin Saturn Yorke 32K 512K
HP-48G+ Alcuin Saturn Yorke 128K 512K
HP-48GX Hammer Saturn Yorke 128K 512K
HP-48GII Mid Apple Arm9 - 75 Mhz 128K 512K
HP-49G V'ger Saturn Yorke 512K 2M
HP-49G+ Apple Arm9 - 75 Mhz 512K 800K
HP-50G   Arm9 - 75Mhz 512K 2M

The models ending with an X have two extension ports for memory modules or library cards.

Library cards for the X models

HP 82211A - Library card


The HP-38/39/40 series

To compete with the popular graphical calculators from Texas Instruments and Casio, Hewlett Packard developed the HP-38/39/40 series. These models don't have the RPN input mode and no slots to extend the memory.

To help students to work with these graphical calculators, Hewlet Packard added Aplets to the HP-38/39 series. For the HP-40G CAS (Computer Algebra System) was introduced.

Model Code Processor RAM ROM HP40G
HP-38G Elsie Saturn Yorke 32K 512K
HP-39G Enterprice Saturn Yorke 256K 1M
HP-39G+ Little Apple Arm9 - 75 Mhz 256K 2M
HP-39GS   Arm9 - 75 Mhz 256K 2M
HP-39GII   Arm9 - 180 Mhz 256K 80M
HP-40G Enterprice Saturn Yorke 256K 1M
HP-40GS   Arm9 - 75 Mhz 256K 2M



Pouche hp48 series

The HP-48 models where sold in the nice soft pouch with a zipper.

The newer HP-49 models and the HP- 38/39/40 models have plastic covers for protection.

The HP-50 models are sold in a leather case.

Infrared thermal printer HP 82240.



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