The Электроника МK 52 (Elektronika MK 52)


The Elektronika MK-52 is a RPN-programmable calculator which was manufactured in the Soviet Union during the years 1983 to 1992.

The functionality of the MK-52 is identical to that of the MK-61, except the MK-52 has an internal non-volatile EEPROM memory module, for permanent data storage, diagnostic slot, and slot for ROM modules. Programming language and functionality of MK-52 and MK-61 are extensions of the MK-54, the B3-34 and B3-21 Elektronika calculators. It is the only known calculator to have internal storage in the form of an EEPROM module. All Soviet calculators are renowned for having a very large number of undocumented functions.

Serial number: 9305-641998

The MK-52 has 105 steps of volatile program memory, an internal EEPROM module (with 512 bytes of memory) and 15 memory registers. It functions using either four AA-size battery cells or a wall plug. It has a relatively dim, ten-digit (8 digit mantissa, 2 digit exponent) green vacuum fluorescent display.


The MK-52 has an expansion port to which various ROM (Read-only memory) modules may be attached. Its system clock speed is approximately 455 kHz (derived from a ceramic resonator), its weight is approximately 0.4 kilograms and its original selling price was 115 Roubles.

The MK-52 was used as a backup to the onboard computers of the Soyuz spacecraft on the Soyuz TM-7 mission to the Mir space station. The original calculator used on this flight was in an auction on Ebay. The text in this auction can be found here.

The calculator was build in different color variants. See picture below for a black/grey model.

Serial number 9104-047512


The Instruction Manuals (Russian)

Manual 1 manual 2
ЦАСТЬ 1 (Part 1)
ЦАСТЬ 2 (Part 2)



The mains adapter

Adapter MK 61 Adapter MK 61 opened
The original mains adapter.
An internal view of this mains adapter.
The adapter contains a mains transformer, 4 diodes configurated as a graetz diode bridge, two electrolytic capacitors and a 6 Volt linear regulator.


The complete set including the orginal box

MK52 set  



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