The Электроника МK 61 (Elektronika MK 61)



Elektronika MK61

A popular Russian programmable RPN calculator build in 1988. This model looks familiar to the MK-54, but has more features.

A lot of information about this calculator can be found on the internet. See related links at the bottom of this page as a starting point.

The calculator has a green VFD display. This type of display was very popular for calculators in that time but Hewlett Packard never used it for its handheld calculators.

Serial number: 8807-280003

A later model with a blue display cover.


Serial number: 9401- 271747

The box


The original box of this calculator.


The User manual (in Russian)

Elektyronika MK61 manual

A copy of this manual can be downloaded by clicking on the picture of the manual.
The manual also contains the circuit diagram of this calculator. See here.


The mains adapter

Adapter MK 61 Adapter MK 61 opened
The original mains adapter. Internal view of this adapter.
The adapter contains a mains transformer,
4 diodes configurated as a diode bridge
and an electrolytic capacitor.

The pouch

Pouch MK 61 line

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