HP25 emulator Emulator for HP calculators.


This page gives an overview of the most wellknown PC emulators of HP Calculators. There are a lot more emulators written and even HP introduced their series. The introduction of JAVA programmable handhelds like the PDA and Iphone opened a new era for (HP) calculator emulators.


HP-35 Emulator by Neil Fraser

A nice JavaScript based emulator of the HP-35 by Neil Fraser. Click the image to launch it. It will popup in a new window.

[Click to launch the HP-35]


Nonpareil by Eric Smith

Nonpareil Emulator for a wide range of LED models and also the HP 41 series. By Eric Smith. Eric wrote a nice document about this work. This document can be downloaded here.


HP Emulators by Sébastien Carlier and  Christoph Gießelink

EMU28 is an emulator for the Clamshell series calculators HP-18C and HP-28C. It base on the sources of the famous HP calculator emulator Emu48 and is published under the GPL.

EMU42 is an emulator for the Pioneer series calculators HP-17B, HP-17BII, HP-27S and HP-42S and for the Clamshell series calculators HP-19BII and HP-28S. It base on the sources of the famous HP calculator emulator Emu48 and is published under the GPL. Below a few screenshots.




The HP-48 Emulator EMU48 was originally created by Sébastien Carlier and is published under the GPL. The latest version of Emu48 can emulate the HP-38G, HP-39G, HP-40G, HP-48SX, HP-48GX and the HP-49G.



HP Emulators by Mike T.

Mike T. developed a series of emulators for the Woodstock,

HP21 Mike THP22 Mike THP25 Mike T

HP27 Mike THP29 Mike T


HP31 Mike THP32 Mike THP33 Mike T

and some Voyager models.

HP10 Mike T

HP11 Mike T

For more information and downloads of these nice emulators of Mike T see here.


HP-42S Emulator by Thomas Okken

FREE42 Emulator for the HP-42S model.



Emulators by HP

June 2009 Hewlett Packard introduced some nice emulators of their calculators. There are emulators available for Windows PC, iPhone and iPod Touch. This HP web-page is no longer accessable. The Windows HP15-C emulator can be downloaded here.


Emulators by Panamatik (Bernhard Emese)

HP Classic series

HP Spice series

HP Woodstock series


Emulator for the HP 82240B Printer

HP82240B emulator by Aquilante


For more information on how to install this software click here.


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