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This handheld device is a combination of a RPN calculator with a 3½ digit multimeter.

The calcumeter is build by ESI, Electro Scientific Industries, Portland, Oregon.
Observing the serial number I guess this tool was build june 1979.

This hand-held 3½-digit multimeter and rpn (reverse-Polish-notation) calculator is fully controlled by a CMOS microcomputer chip.

A 32-key keyboard provides more than 70 functions, and results are seen on an eight-digit liquid crystal display. All readings are obtained using a single set of test probes. The Calcumeter 4100 automatically ranges and measures up to 1000 volts dc (750 volts ac) in six ranges, checks resistance to 20 Mohm in six ranges, and current to 200 mA (to 20 amperes with an optional shunt) in two ranges. Values are displayed in three formats: scientific, engineering, or fixed decimal. Scientific and engineering formats are shown as numbers times ten to a power, with the power expressed in multiples of denote the units. The fixed decimal format is up to seven places. In addition to the usual arithmetic functions, the model 4100 can calculate the equivalent value of two parallel resistors or the resistance needed to shunt a known resistance to obtain a desired value. Reciprocal, square, square root, and natural and common log and antilog functions are included. The instrument stores values in five registers: the M (memory) register and a four-register stack. Any value, keyed in or measured, may be entered into the X register and displayed. As numbers are entered, previous entries move up the stack. A "roll" key moves each stored value down one register, enabling previously stored values to reenter the X register and be displayed. Special mode capabilities include scale and offset, averaging, display of a measured value between two preset limits, inverse calculation, decibel display, a percent-deviation function, a special mode clear, an audible error signal, single measure and hold, and continuous measurement. To interface with various accessories an auxiliary connector is located at the top. The unit was priced under $400.

ESI calcumeter 4100, serial number: 001353 6 79 B

The calcumeter can be supplied from a 9V battery block or from the ESI 4110 Battery Eliminator.

ESI 4100 back side ESI 4100 label
A photo of the back side of this calcumeter. The battery lit has been removed to show the 9 Volt battery. This is done as a reference for the dimensions of this device. Zoomin on the label on the backside. It shows some short instructions for this calcumeter.


The Pouch

ESI 4100 pouche
The pouch of this ESI calcumeter looks familiar with the pouches of the HP calculators. The quality is very nice with a large zipper and an embossed logo.

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