The HP-10 (Kiss, Keep It Simple Stupid)




Introduced on the 1st of July 1977, discontinued the 1 of March 1979.

A simple 4 banger with a thermal printer. Unfortunately this model has no a RPN input modus and it is not programmable.

The layout of the keyboard is unconventional. The multiply and divide keys are not rowed with the add and minus keys.

The thermal paper has a smaller width compared to the paper used for the Topcat series. This calculator uses a thermal paper with a width of 1½" (about 38 mm).

Serial number: 1710S00180


Back label

On the backside of this calculator an instructions legend is glued.

HP10 backside label


Manual (Dutch)

A nice top-side spiral-bound manual.

Manual HP-10

See my HP-10 inside page if you are curious how this model looks inside.


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