The HP-10B (Ernst)


Introduced on the 3rd January 1989, discontinued end of 2000. This model has been continued by the HP-10 BII.

This HP 10B model was promoted as the quot;basic student business" model. The input mode is algebraic, not RPN.

Afbeelding HP10B geel Afbeelding HP10B groen
Serial number: 3532S06682
Serial number: ID02701925

The first years this calculator was printed with orange and gray key labels, see the picture on the left.
Later the color scheme changed to green and purple. See the picture on the right.


Users handbook

The early models of the Pioneer manuals were spiral-bounded. The later manuals were glued.

Manual HP 10B Manual HP 10B

An english-language version of this handbook can be downloaded from the HP web site by clicking on the picture. This pdf file has a size of about 4.9 MB.



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