The HP-17BII (Trader 2)




Introduced on the 4th of January 1990, discontinued in 2003. In 2003 this model is continued as the HP-17bIII+.

The HP-17BII is the successor of the HP-17B.

This calculator shares the same model name as its predecessor. The only addition is the RPN input mode. Watch the small ENTER label below the = key. This label is missing for the HP-17B.

The bezel has been replaced by gold colored finish.

Two color variants are known. A two-tone brown model and a black model.

Brown version
Serial number: ID82804570
Black version
Serial number: ID13001075


Owner's manual.

Manual HP17BII

Manual HP17BII
Old spiral bound version
Later glued version

An english language version of this manual can be downloaded as a pdf file from the HP web site. Click on the picture on the left to start this download. This file has a size of about 12.9 MB.



HP17BII box