The HP-42S (Code name: Davinci)


Introduced on the 31th of October 1988, discontinued the 1st March 1996

Introduced as a successor to the successful Coconut series. The calculator is software compliant with the HP-41C but has no extension ports. It has an infra red LED to communicate with a printer.

This HP-42S is the most complete and sought-after model of the Pioneer series. Its code name shows the close relationship with the HP-32S (Code name: Leonardo).

Serial number: 2927S31001
Serial number: 3335S00454

The left hand side picture shows an HP-42S with the old bezel, the right hand site picture shows an HP-42S with the new bezel. See also my web page on LCD displays.


Manuals HP-42S

HP42S owners manual HP42S Programming techniques

A 351 pages Owner's Manual was bundled
with the HP-42S Scientific calculator.

A 234 pages Programming Examples and
Techniques manual was sold separately.



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