The HP-49G (V'ger)



HP 48G

Introduced on the 3rd January 1999, discontinued end of 2003

The HP-49G is Hewlett-Packard's one of the latest graphic calculator. It has 512K of RAM (split into two 256KB ports: Port 0 and Port 1) and 2MB of flash memory. 1MB of flash memory is used by the upgrade able ROM and the other 1MB is available to the user (in Port 2). It has the same 4 MHz Saturn CPU as the 48G series, but the software is rewritten to make the calculator operate more quickly.

Although the screen is still 131x64, it is black instead of blue resulting in much higher contrast. The keyboard has 51 keys, but the ENTER key is now small and in the lower-right corner like the ENTER key on most other brands' graphic calculators. The keys are rubber but they still have a tactile feel.

Infrared has been removed but the serial port has been retained from the 48 series.

Serial number: CN12900270


The user's guides and quick start guide (Dutch)

HP49G ManualHP49G Users guide

HP49G zakgids


The Box

HP49G box



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