The HP-97 (Kitty Hawk)


Introduced on 1 July 1976, discontinued end of 1984. (Build for more than 12 years !!)

This scientific RPN desk calculator has the same functionality as the famous HP-67 but with a build-in thermal printer. The card reader is the slit left from the display.

Serial number: 1705S92087

Two versions of this calculator are known. They have a different printed circuit board design. The design of the later version includes an extra 14 pins header which can be used for extension. A nice article about this port can be found here.


The keyboard

The keyboard has been split up in a left part with small function keys and a right part with larger keys. The left keyboard is different for the different models the right keyboard looks more similar. The keyboard feels very solid.

Keyboard Topcat part 1

Left-hand keyboard of the HP-97. The calculator has one golden shift key. The key shift legends are printed below the keys.

The A till E keys are function keys that can be programmed.

Keyboard Topcat part 2
The right-hand keyboard of the HP-97 has larger keys.


HP 82035A Carrying case

A nice leather look carrying case with a zipper. The inside is lined with synthetic fur.

HP97 Case


Owner's Handbook and Programming Guide

HP97 manual


HP-97 Standard Pac

The HP-97 Standard Pac is a collection of various programs as a basis from which to build your program library. The book describes all 15 programs addressing topics common to business, science, engineering and games. Also a diagnostic program is added to check the calculator. The programs are all preprogrammed on magnetic cards.

HP97 standard packHP97

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