The NOVUS 4510 Mathematician


A simple LED display scientific RPN calculator made by National Semiconductors. This calculator is not programmable and has no exponential mode, it can also not display in exponential notation.

A remarkable feature of this calculator is the M+x2 function printed below the MS key. Some examples in the manual demonstrate the benefit of this function for adding the square of the number to calculate the area of a cone and for conversion from rectangle coordinates to polar coordinates.

Serial number: 1088005
Novus 4510 back
This backside label shows some short instructions for this RPN calculator. The backside label also tells that the NOVUS is a product of National Semiconductor Corporation.

The Pouch

Novus 4510 pouch The pouch of this Novus calculator looks familiar with the pouches of the HP calculators. The quality looks very nice with a large zipper and an embossed logo.


The adapter Model DC 902

Novus 4510 adapter

Simple adapter. Output voltage 9V.
Max current 100 mA.


User Manual

Novus 4510 manaul  
A scan of this user manual can be downloaded here.  

For those that are interested how this calculator has been build, see my Novus_4510_inside page.


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