The Omron 12SR



Omron 12SR

The Omron 12SR, also known as "the Slide Rule", is the only RPN calculator build by Omron. The calculator has a nice green 14-digit vacuum fluorescent display. Besides the four basic functions this calculator offers a set of standard transcendental functions. The calculation speed is remarkable slow. Some calculations takes a few seconds before the result pops up.

The calculator can be supplied with three rechargeable AA size batteries. These batteries are charged inside the calculator by using an optional AC adaptor.

This calculator is not programmable.

Serial number: 654587E


Omron 12SR backside Omron 12SR back label
Backside with open battery cover.
Label on the back side.



The Instruction Manual and pouch

Omron 12sr manual Omron12SR pouch

The two lingual (english and german) instruction manual contains 48 pages.
A pdf scan can be downloaded here.

Omron 12SR view

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