Jaguar The HP Palmtop series


The palmtop's don't really belong to a handheld calculator collection. The reason I added the first series to my collection is because the HP-95LX, the first Palmtop, has a build-in calculator that emulates the HP-19BII calculator.

Hewlett Packard started building palmtop's in 1991.

HP 200LX

The palmtop has a small QWERTY keyboard with an separate numeric keypad. The screen is a monochrome LCD screen. It looks like a small laptop, but 4 times smaller the a regular laptop. The palmtop is supplied by two AA-type batteries. These two batteries can run the palmtop for about 30 to 40 hours.

The heart of the palmtop is an Intel processor and 2 to 4 Mb memory. The palmtop is fully MS-DOS 5.0 compatible and can run all programs written for the Intel 8086, 8088 or 80186 CPU.

The palmtop has an 16 bits PCMCIA type II expansion slot that can be used for a modem or an ethernet connection. There is also a serial port and an infra red interface available. The palmtop communicated via a link cable with a PC and via the infra red LED with a thermal printer, like the HP 82240A or the HP 82240B.

Except the HP-1000CX model, all models have a build in software pack, containing Lotus 123 spreadsheet program, a calendar, a telephone book, a terminal emulator program and a HP-19BII type calculator.

The first series contained 4 models:

Model Code Processor
Clock speed
Resolution LCD Screen
95LX Jaguar 8088
4.7 Mhz
248 x 128
100LX Cougar 80C186
7.9 Mhz
640 x 200
200LX Felix 80C186
7.9 Mhz
1, 2 or 4M
640 x 200
1000CX ? 80C186
7.9 Mhz
1-2 M
640 x 200


The display

The LCD screen of 640 x 200 pixels is a relative high resolutions. To read the text good eyes are needed.
A function key can be used to zoom in and out with two magnification steps.

zoom1 Basic resolution, shown on real size, The text is hard to read.
zoom2 One step zoom in.
zoom3 Two steps zoom in.



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