ParsleyThe Spice series


The Spice series were build between 1978 and 1983. The series contains 8 different models. The code names for the models are called after spices. With this series the continuous memory was introduced. The model numbers ended in C have this feature.

Short description
HP-31E Scientific Low end scientific calculator, not programmable.
Successor of the HP-21.
HP-32E Scientific Midrange scientific calculator. An HP-31E with
additional features. not programmable
HP-33C Scientific Same as the HP-33E with a continuous memory
HP-33E Scientific A programmable midrange scientific calculator.
Successor of the HP-25
HP-34C Scientific High end scientific calculator. Programmable and
with a continuous memory.
HP-37E Business Low end business calculator.
HP-38C Business High end business calculator with continuous memory
HP-38E Business High end business calculator.


The LED display

Display Spice

The picture above shows the LED display of a Spice series calculator. The display is equal to the display of the Woodstock series.

The keyboard

Keyboard sting

The keyboards of the Spice series looks equal to the keyboards of the Woodstock series. Both series have 30 keys with one, two or even three shift keys. The picture on the left shows the keyboard of an HP-34C.

This calculator has 3 shift keys, labeled f, g en h. So most keys on this calculator have 4 functions!


HP 82109A Battery package with rechargeable batteries

Battery-pack The calculators of the Spice series are supplied with a battery pack containing 2 AA size NICd batteries. These batteries are connected in series to deliver a total supply voltage of about 2.4 Volt. The batteries are hold together by a metal clip. This clip is also used to connects both batteries in series. The batteries are charged in the calculator when supplied by its main charger. More information about the batteries can be found here.



HP 82090B. Mains charger. Secondary 9V AC, 0.9 VA. See also here.

Mains adapter Sting Power plug




HP 82110A Vinyl case



HP 82103A Reserve Battery Pack


Internal view

For those who are curious how a Spice Series calculator looks inside:
An HP-32E opened, calculator 1 and calculator 2.


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