Topcat The Topcat series


The Topcat series was build between 1976 and 1977. This series counts 4 desktop calculator models with a build in thermal printer. These calculators also have an rechargeable battery pack.

HP-91 Felix Scientific Basic calculator,
not programmable
HP-92 Bobcat Business Basic calculator,
HP-95C ? Scientific Never released
HP-97 Kitty Hawk Scientific An HP-67 with
a thermal printer
HP-97S Ricochet Scientific An HP-97 with
an additional interface.


The LED display

Display Topcat

The picture on the left shows the display of a Topcat series calculator. It looks similar to the display of the Classic series calculators but the digits are larger. The display counts 15 digits. The division is fixed. The first digit is only used for the minus sign. The next 11 digits are used to display the mantissa and the decimal separator. This decimal separator occupies a complete digit. The thirteenth digit displays the sign of the exponent and the last two digits display the exponent itself.



HP 82033A Battery pack

The battery pack of the Topcat models consists of four C size rechargeable batteries. See also here on my battery page.

Battery pack HP97



HP 82059A Charger

Adapter Topcat

Main Charger.
Secondary 8V AC 3VA

More information about the chargers for the Topcat models can be found here on my battery chargers page.



HP 82037A Reserve powerpack

With the reserve power pack the battery pack can be charged outside the calculator.



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