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The first calculators of the Voyager series were introduced in september 1981. It was the second HP calculator series using a LCD display. The small, thin screen combined with its low power consumption enabled the construction of a compact calculator, supplied by small button batteries. In total HP build five different Voyager models.

Model Type
Input mode
HP-10C Scientific
HP-11C Scientific
HP-12C Business
HP-15C Scientific
HP-16C Computer

The two first introduced calculators were the scientific calculator, model HP-11C and the business calculator, model HP-12C.

Two year later the three additional models were added to the family. Two scientific models, the HP-10C, a cost down version of the HP-11C and the HP-15C, an improved version of the HP-11C with more memory were added. The third model, the HP-16C, is a dedicated calculator for computer programmers.

Since 2003 a more powerful version of the HP-12C is available. This model is called the HP-12C Platinum. It has a faster processor and more memory. Both models the HP-12C and the HP-12C Platinum are still in production.

On September 2011 a Limited Edition of the HP-15C was introduced. It has the same functionality as the original HP-15C but it is build around an ARM processor. This results in an increase in speed of more than 100 times.

The display

All models of the Voyager series has the same keyboard layout an a simple 10 digit 7 segment LCD Display with one row of annunciators below the digits. See picture below.

HP15C Display

All voyager models are programmable and uses the RPN input mode. The later models of the HP-12C also have algebraic input.


The batteries

The Voyager calculators are supplied from three coin cells, type LR44 of SR44.

Voyager batteries Voyager batteries

These batteries are inserted from the back site. Later HP-12C models uses CR2032 type button batteries.



Pouch Imitation leather pouch for the voyager series.

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